Компания Cargill &nbspis present on Kazakhstan grain market since 1993, when it became the co-founder of JV DAN.
It is hard to believe, but it all started with a small warehouse in Conover, Iowa bought by Willian Wallace Cargill in 1865. In 250 years of history Cargill became a giant, fast-growing food supplier, which by 2020 employs more than 160 thousand people in 70 countries. Cargill is present in 125 countries worldwide and is involved in 50 business markets, with the grain market accountant for more than 40% of global grain trade.

Cargill partners and affiliates ensure global supply of food, agricultural products, and other products and services.

Throughout its long history Cargill forms long-lasting business strategy, that is based on reliable and solid business foundation, capable to sustain worldwide competition. Being a privately-owned company Cargill main policy is to reinvest the major part of its revenues and thus make the company thrive.

Having a large network of partners and affiliates Cargill is careful in expanding its businesses. The two key requirements for selecting the partners are corporate ethics and reliability.

The main quality criteria as claimed by Cargill are enthusiastic employees, happy customers, sustainable development, and stable revenue increase.

The strive to be a global leader in food supply is the distinguishing feature of Cargill. The mission of the company is to make the world thrive. Cargill takes these words seriously, which helps to earn trust and respect of partners. Cargill heavily utilizes its expertise and experience to effectively collaborate with partners and satisfy customers.

Being a global player Cargill entitles its businesses to take care after local communities where it operates. Hence, the goal of Cargill is to financially develop and preserve the local traditions and the environment.