Being a joint venture with Cargill, JV Dan strictly adheres to the standards of workplace safety, set by Cargill. JV DAN close watches the condition of the grain elevators&nbspOdak  and Ak-Biday as well as the qualifications of employees. All elevator facilities are annually verified and certified by the commission, with Cargill supervision.

  • In 25-year history JV DAN grain elevators recorded zero injuries with the annual turnover of more than 250.000 tonnes.
  • No accidents involving injuries occurred while operating grain dryers.
  • The human involvement in the processes is being constantly reduced through the automatization of the life-threatening processes.

  • The safety procedures are crucial during grain transportation. JV DAN closely monitors and regularly checks the conditions of the access roads, railways, and vehicles provided by partners. Working closely with the railway transportation mode JV DAN compiles with industry-specific safety requirements when loading and preparing the grain.
  • By 2020, JV DAN did not record a single injury, thereby supporting Cargill’s Reported Injury Rate goals.

Ensuring workplace safety helps JV DAN to maintain one of the key corporate values – reliability.