Elevator Ak-Biday LLP

The Ak-Biday elevator was purchased in February 1997 by JV DAN licensed to store and handle grain. The license is annually renewed by the State Commission. The elevator is surrounded by a fence and guarded by the department security with a checkpoint for personnel and vehicles. The elevator has a landline connection with the police station and fire safety services.


  • Total area - 19.8 hectare
  • Railway access
  • Railway dead end 2.2 km long, suitable to accommodate 15 cars
  • Electronic railway weights for 150 tonnes, electronic automobile weights for 60 tonnes, mechanical automobile weights for 60 tonnes
  • The elevator has a laboratory for conducting quantitative and qualitative grain analysis
  • The elevator has an equipment to load grain in bags for further transportation



Elevator Ak-Biday LLP

Address: Akmola, Zharkain, Dostyk, St. Elevator, 2a.

Phones: +7 (716 48) 938 00 , +7 (716 48) 938 01

E-mail: ak_bidai@mail.ru