Elevator of ODAK Ltd LLP

The Odak elevator was purchased in October 1996 by JV DAN licensed to store and handle grain. The license is annually renewed by the State Commission. The elevator is surrounded by a fence and guarded by the department security with a checkpoint for personnel and vehicles. The elevator has a landline connection with the police station and fire safety services.


  • Total area - 8.8 hectare
  • Railway access
  • Railway dead end 1.7 km long, suitable to accommodate 9 cars
  • Electronic railway weights for 150 tonnes, mechanical railway weights for 150 tonnes, mechanical automobile weights for 60 tonnes
  • The elevator has a laboratory for conducting quantitative and qualitative grain analysis
  • The elevator has an equipment to load grain in bags for further transportation


Elevator of ODAK Ltd LLP

Address: Aktobe, Khromtau, Zhazyk.

Phone: +7 (713 36) 384 05

E-mail: odak_ltd@mail.ru